Austin Civil Engineering

Austin Civil, for over fifteen years one of the top civil engineering companies in Texas: site plans, subdivision platting and design, utility design plans.

The best civil engineering companies in Austin, Texas include Austin Civil Engineering, for site plans or plot plans, utility design plans, and subdivision land platting and design and many other services for construction, real estate development and architectural firms.Subdivision land platting and utility design plans are important documents requested by Austin developers.Austin attracts a big share of Texas development investment dollars, and Austin Civil Engineering creates site plans and plot plans for developers in Austin.

Austin Civil Engineering, Inc. of Texas provides planning services to real estate developers, industries, municipalities, and others in the private/public sector. In providing these engineering services, Austin Civil has developed a reputation for expertise in: hydrologic and hydraulic design, subdivision land platting and design, site layout, site plans, water quality and storm water detention pond design, traffic flow and analysis, project management, site plan and subdivision permitting, water and wastewater design, plot plans, utility design plans, force main and lift station design and public presentation and variance negotiation. Austin Civil has a thorough knowledge of the design and permitting procedures required to prepare and process developments through the various governmental agencies involved in the permitting/approval process.


2708 S. Lamar Blvd. Suite 200A, Austin, TX 78704

Phone: (512) 306-0018 Fax: (512) 306-0048

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